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Abortion is murder:

We shall ignore the personal psychopathic problems that are typical of the proponents of abortion. The issues of right to "choose", right to "health", and right over a "woman's body" all side-step the real issues of pain, infertility, guilt, psychological trauma, and personal violation which regrettably accompany an abortion. Abortionists lie blatantly when they deny that these outcomes are serious enough to reject abortion as an option: and they know it! That's why they evade these issues and quickly raise the issue of when is abortion murder: in other words, when is the embryo a person with rights. This has been a powerful smokescreen for them so far, but no more!

Aside from all the circular straw-man arguments, the essential question is this: is an embryo or fetus a person ? The answer is a resounding, logical "yes!" Here is the logic:

  • Fact: You are a person.
  • Fact: You developed from a specific embryo/fetus.
  • Fact: If that embryo/fetus had been aborted, you would not exist now.
  • Conclusions: Therefore, that fetus was you; and killing that fetus would have been killing you, which is murder.

All the fanciful and deceptive smokescreen terms disappear, leaving one to face the fact that abortion is murder. We are also left a reasonable and humane bill of rights and responsibilities:

A woman has a right not to become pregnant; she has no right to terminate a pregnancy simply because it is an inconvenience. She has the responsibility to act responsibly with her body. She has the responsibility to protect and nurture her fetus. She has no right over another body such as that of her developing baby.

Right to "health" is deceitful semantics, plain and simple. The organizations which use this term seek their financial "health" at the expense of your baby's life and of your mental health. These organizations include the ACLU folks who also happen (coincidence?) to defend pornography with the excuse that it is educational. Perhaps ACLU members will move next to pornographic shops (their educational institutes), and guide their children into prostitution as careers. It is painfully obvious that law degrees do not prevent anti-Christian zealots from identifying with shameful lies! God help them.

Warning: If you are an abortionist, you now stand condemned before God for violating His law. You will find yourself in the eternal flames of hell unless you ask His forgiveness.

Honor God with your body and mind and soul. This is God's command. Then it will be well with your soul. You will have forgiveness of sins, peace with God, and a home in heaven through the Lord Jesus Christ .

Global Evangelical Missionary Society
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