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Evolution vs Science

     It is most amazing that intelligent folks accept this idiotic idea so readily! Essentially, the theory of organic evolution states that life originated by itself (spontaneously) and that higher life forms developed from lower life forms, all by pure chance and without purpose. My grandfather, who never went to school, knew better from simple common-sense. The debates have been fierce and time consuming, but most of them have been hijacked by dishonest and frustrated atheists who have distracted attention from the most useful and readily available tools: common-sense and natural science. Common-sense and honesty being rare commodities among them, evolutionists have succeeded in reframing the debate topic and avoiding the real issue: "Science versus Evolution". So let's go to hard science and combine it with honesty! While Darwin exclaims "survival of ther fittest", true science demands answers for (1) how did the fittest arrive? (2) can a DNA strand, more complex than a ten-story building and storing coded information, develop by chance and without an intelligent designer? (3) how can evolution be scientific when it denies the laws of nature and scientific analysis? (4) when will the many confirmed evolutionary hoaxes (such as the spotted moth, the geologic column, the vestigial organ theory, and human recapitulation embryology) be removed from text books of biology? (5) where are the transitional forms? (6) where is the evidence?

     Operating in nature is a law referred to as the second law of thermodynamics which describes in fancy language what everybody knows from experience: everything will change into a state of greater chaos (decay or disorder) if left to itself in nature: the longer the period of time that passes, the greater the chaos. There is no exception to this law in our natural environment: a tomato or a house or a gravel heap ultimately disappears into a highly disordered state if left to nature and itself! Evolution claims the exact opposite of this law: that is, that a heap of gravel, sand, iron, rough lumber, and glass will become a house by themselves if left long enough. Commonsense alone recognizes how preposterous this is, and all the credentials in the universe cannot change this fact. No need to waste time addressing the many lies evolutionists have deliberately fabricated as "proofs": they go "poof" before the good old laws of thermodynamics which God has put into motion!

    But just a little background on this corpse of an idea before its burial: it was dreamed up to remove the idea of God from the origin of the magnificent universe. This brutish motive was compounded by Charles Darwin's lack of common-sense as he propounded his evolutionary theory. By analogy, Darwin implied that, because of resemblances, a stool, a chair, a table, and a bundle of sticks could only have developed spontaneously from one another, becoming more complex as new functional needs arose. Any reasonable person, and certainly a true scientist, knows that there is at least one more optional explanation to be investigated. That is, that these objects were all designed to serve specific functions by a designer and for the designer's specific use! Darwin's theory ignored and cannot withstand the scrutiny of the scientific method of investigation. Darwin and the other anti-God pseudo-intellectuals concocted another foolish theory, this time to explain how evolution was even possible: i.e., it happened over billions of years! Apart from the scientific doubts concerning such an extreme age of the earth, this theory poses an insurmountable problem for Darwin and friends!

     This "billions and billions of years" smokescreen again ignores, and is demolished by, the laws of thermodynamics. Actually, the more time that passes by, the more chaotic the result: we all know this from observation. A heap of sand, gravel, steel, and limestone does not become a house, especially if you leave it there for a million years. The opposite always happens! This fundamental truth eliminates any need to debate the many straw-men fabricated by evolutionists to distract us from the true issues. Simply put, Darwin never knew the complexity of a single cell; no intermediate life forms have ever been found (only fully functional, identifiable species); the drawings of human embryonic stages with gill slits are a blatant misrepresentation; the "geologic column" in text books takes three months to form as is demonstrated in the eruption of Mount St. Helens: not millions of years as wildly claimed by self-serving palaeontologists!

     Finally, for the mathematically minded, the phenomenon of genetic mutations (changes) in nature does not support evolution: rather, it confirms the idiocy of the notion. Since more than 90% of mutations have detrimental effects on survival, their compounded effect over time reduces the probability that the species will survive (geometric regression)! Such mutations also reduce the genetic pool, making it impossible to attain the level of human complexity through a game of chance. As for the probability that atoms of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and iron will come together randomly to form a molecule of hemoglobin, this is mathematically infinitely improbable (= impossible) because of the infinite number of possible permutations and combinations which exist (an established principle).

     If you have fallen prey to this hoax, we pray you would be honest with yourself before God. You stand condemned before God for calling Him a liar and seeking to take His glory. "The fool has said in his heart 'there is no God'" (Psalm 14:1). Beg God for wisdom and stand upon sound science, and give God the glory for His fabulous handiwork. He has a far greater miracle in store for you as you look to His creative supremacy: He will give you eternal life and peace.

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