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Outreach to HINDUS & MUSLIMS Made Easy


Every Christian (those who are born-again only through the redeeming blood of the Lord Jesus Christ) has a commission to serve on active duty in the Lord's army (Matt 28:18-19). Does that include YOU? If you are redeemed by the purchase price of His blood, definitely! A soldier who neglects the command to serve is not simply a deserter and a coward, but he also serves the enemy by giving up the very ground he should have been guarding. Ezekiel 3:17 - 21 states that blood is on our hands if we fail to warn others.


Jehovah God has decreed that the Lord Jesus will not return until the Gospel of the Lord Jesus has been preached to all people groups (Matt 24: 14). The Apostles and other early Christians went out of Jerusalem with the Lord's return as their only vision; so much so that Peter admonished us to be "hasting unto the coming of the day of God" (2 Peter 3:12). European and Western churches sent out specially trained missionaries to Africa, Asia, and South America with the Gospel to the unreached. Today, most of the unreached people groups are in the "10/40 Window" , a strip from West Africa to the Philippines, and consist mainly of Hindus, Muslims, and Roman Catholics.


While the "10/40 window" countries have been excluding foreign missionaries, God has been bringing many natives of these countries to the West. Muslims and Hindus comprise almost half of them, and they bring their religions with them. Now the 10/40 Window has come to us: 10/40 USA, 10/40 Canada, 10/40 Everywhere. What a precious opportunity for each of us to reach out to them here while they would be unaccessible in their own countries due to caste and other boundaries! God has worked out this appointment with the elite of other countries: we must cease the opportunity.

Two Excuses

The enemy has given western Christians two fine excuses: (1) we do not have the time it takes to share the Gospel, and (2) we do not know about the foreigners' spiritual background. Firstly, we need to evaluate our priorities in light of God's declaration that "you are mine", "you are not your own ... your are bought with a price". That is, we have no right to live with our priorities .

Beyond that, tools are now ready so that you do not need 30 minutes, but only two minutes to share the Gospel. One does not need to know about the foreigner's religion because these materials address that appropriately. Now there is no excuse not to engage in the battle for captive souls. But the challenge does not end there.


Muslim and Hindu "missionaries" are also dispatched to the West to convert the "Christian" West. They inspire their followers to vigorously attack Christianity as they present their religions as spiritually superior. The typical western Christian knows nothing about them and their religions, but the immigrants are adept at quoting and distorting the Bible convincingly. Christian soldiers are being neutralized on their own turf! In fact, they are asleep on the turf while their children are being won for Satan whose soldiers are fighting valiantly. The other challenge is exciting, though: God has brought the immigrants here for us to give them the Gospel! How much easier can it get: we are spared the hardships and persecution suffered by our brethren who spread the Gospel in the 10/40 Window countries, and the foreigner feels relieved that he has the freedom to accept Christian literature in the west. It is so simple, and we have convinced ourselves that we are so brave: so why do it NOW?

Hindus and Muslims will evangelize your children for Satan -

. . . if you fail to evangelize them for your Lord.


In so doing, you are now a missionary to foreigners right across the street, across the desk, in the grocery store, and everywhere. "Go ye into all the world" is familiar, but have you noticed that "all the world" has come to you?" If you thought that missions relates to "overseas people", you are now into missions - foreign missions!


They are visible across the globe: Hindus and Muslims. In the western world they live in close-knit communities and they dot the landscape of universities, health care facilities, and large cities. And though you know they will all perish in Hell without your Lord, yet you are reluctant to tell them about Him. Did you ever think that God has brought them just so that YOU could have the joy of leading them out of bondage and into life everlasting? You may be their only contact with the Lord Jesus this side of eternity: that's how grave a responsibility you have. Together with Roman Catholics, they comprise one-half the world population!


Hindus, Roman Catholics, and Muslims are not different from the Greeks on Mars Hill (Acts 17:22 ). They have an admirable hunger for salvation, but they do not know the Saviour. They are totally committed to what they were taught as Truth. Are you totally committed to give them the Truth? Or will their enthusiasm swallow up yours? The Lord Jesus was speaking of some of them when He said: "Other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring" (John 10:16). Here is where YOU come in: you must introduce them to the Good Shepherd: how will they hear without a preacher? The literature we develop does a major portion of the "preaching" for you.

You may be their only contact with the Lord Jesus this side of eternity.


Hinduism and Islam are two of Satan's most treacherous tools in western civilization today. Hindu and Muslim missionaries have been sent here to evangelize the "Christian nations", and they are succeeding partly because you are not evangelizing them. Here are only some of the formidable challenges they pose:

    Hinduism attacks Christianity's exclusive way to salvation, and it is the core of New Age cultism such as yoga, astrology, reincarnation, eastern mysticism, and ayurvedic psycho-babble.

    Islam "honors" Jesus as a great prophet but it fiercely rejects his deity; it fiercely attacks the Bible while subtly teaching that the Comforter promised by Jesus the Messiah was Muhammad, their greatest prophet.

    They attack Christianity as the "white man's" western religion: who will tell them the truth, that Christianity flourished in India (then called Hindustan) for centuries before it reached Europe?

    Satan uses these lies so effectively that even leaders of "Christian" ministries on college campuses are being won over to Hinduism and Islam.

Do these not make your heart burn within you?

Dear Christian Soldier, what occupies you while the enemy snares your children on our college campuses? Warning: Hindus and Muslims will evangelize your children for Satan if you fail to evangelize them for your Lord. This is a two-fold tragedy: losing your children to Satan, and failing to spread the Good News.


The Bible demonstrates the efficacy of people-specific approaches to sharing the Good News. For example, the Ethiopian Eunuch was reached through his major prophet Isaiah; and Paul approached the Greeks on Mars Hill through their "altar to the unknown God". Hebrews 1:1 states that God had spoken to all people groups through the prophets who came before the incarnation of our Lord, so that there is a glimpse of God's salvation plan among them, but it goes unrecognized. Using this as common ground is very effective for reaching them.

Global Evangelical Missionary Society (GEMS):

We at GEMS are following this premise to prepare outreach tools to make it easy for every Christian everywhere to present the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to Hindus, Muslims, and other groups. Through these booklets and tracts (and other forthcoming materials), even the briefest contact with a person becomes ample opportunity to share the Gospel in a convenient form which can be taken home and shared with others (another benefit!).


This booklet takes our Hindu friend on a journey which begins with a universal Hindu prayer, through the Hindu original Scriptures (Vedas), to the Lord Jesus as the only answer to their prayer according to both the Bible and the Vedas. Just as the altar on Mars Hill was not comparable with the altar of the Tabernacle, so too the Hindu Scriptures are not comparable with the God-inspired Bible; but both can aid the simple human mind at the beginning of this spiritual journey.

This booklet provides for Christians conversation material which is of interest to Hindus. It neutralizes the fallacies of Hinduism without attacking Hindus or Hinduism. Every Hindu family should have a copy of it, together with the Gospel according to John. The message reflects a genuine concern for our Hindu friends.


This booklet leads our Muslim friends into a rational examination of the full identity of Jesus the Messiah, while averting the hostility typical of such encounters between over-zealous Muslims and ill-advised Christians. It also saves much time by avoiding tangential debates. The reader is approached through the Qu'ran and Hadiths (the Muslim religious Scriptures) which direct Muslims to the Bible for the complete, accurate account of who Jesus of the Qu'ran is. Every "chance" encounter with a Muslim can be your missionary opportunity by simply leaving this booklet with him/her. Every Muslim and every Christian family should have a copy of this booklet accompanied by the Gospel (Injil ) according to John. The message reflects a genuine concern for our Muslim friends.

(Global Evangelical Missionary Society)

Our Mission:

    To spread the Gospel, that at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow .

    To encourage Christians to be active soldiers, and not be entangled with the affairs of life.

    To contend for the faith against the enemy and his tools.

Will you ask the Lord Jesus how you might partner in His work through GEMS? Consider these:

    PRAY FOR US: Even if you are laid up with illness, you can pack our ammunition through prayer: time on one's hands should be spent on one's knees.

    USE THE BOOKLETS liberally.


    BE A FINANCIAL PARTNER, "... that fruit may abound to your account" (Philippians 4:17).

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