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Nonsensical Philosophy of Keshavdas

I normally ignore people such as Mr. Keshavdas, the Hindu mystic who has a sizable following in Trinidad, West Indies. However, when they mislead trusting people and blaspheme God, while they parasitize our goodness at the same time, it is my duty to state the facts for the good of all concerned.

A God Made for Trinidad

My heart went out to my Hindu friends as I read a feature article titled "A gift of Love from India" in the Trinidad Express newspaper. It featured Mr. Keshavdas donating a statue of "Lord Vishnu" to Trinidad "because there are better Hindus here than in India". Apart from the "god made with hands" issue, this statement is so devious, condescending, and self-serving that it makes one feel to puke. Perhaps by "better" he means that Trinidad Hindus have more money to lavish on him, and and they are more eager to believe him and kiss his feet than the average person in India.

Humble Satguru?

And what nonsense is enshrined in his seemingly lofty pronouncement "shine and rain are natural worship"! Also, western Indians need to know that Mr. Ramkhelawan's "air-conditioned bedroom" is a heavenly place beyond the imagination of most Indians in India, so Mr. Keshavdas sitting on that floor does not in any way signify humility. Is it not also strange that Mr. Keshavdas' "miraculous deeds" are such well-kept secrets that only Mr. Ramkhelawan seems to know about them? If anyone performs a real miracle, the world will be sure to know about it in minutes! Even the fake miracles of so-called Christian healers make the news circuit! What will it take for Mr. Keshavdas to perform a miracle in Trinidad for all to see?

Intellectual or Charlatan

Talking about Mr. Keshavdas' nonsense: it takes an absolute charlatan to read "I am" and "om" and "ameen" as the same words. (Warning: misrepresenting the "I AM" of the Bible places Mr. Keshavdas in a grave situation before the living God). Pretending to be scholarly, he then enters into a childish but deceitful play on words: "om" implying omnipotence etc. But his snobbish delight at the people's ignorance is displayed by linking Ram with pano rama, etc. His brilliant deduction therefore implies that Ram is linked to ramble, ramadan, and ram bunctious. Is this not the height of idiocy? Mr. Keshavdas insults the intelligence of Trinidad's Hindus as he attempts to play them for fools!

Indians in India are extraordinarily proud of academic achievement, to the extent that, as the story goes, one man placed a sign on his front door: "BA". Then in small letters he added: "attempted but failed". Now, what is the name of the university where Mr. Keshavdas "studied law", and did he obtain his law degree? Who will check this out?

Peddling Oppression

The most treacherous of his teachings, however, is about the caste system. Mr. Keshavdas plays up to the pundit groups (if you can't beat them, join them!), and hopes to gain Prime Minister Panday's favour by including the Panday's in that select group. The worst thing that can happen to any society is the Hindu caste system. To truly appreciate this fact one must visit Mr. Keshavdas' hometown in India and see for oneself the oppression of those beneath the Brahmin caste. Many truth seekers have done this, and most of them fell emotionally and physically ill from what they saw. How dare Mr. Keshavdas bring his miserable system to Trinidad! For just a glimpse of the caste system at work, consider how the India-born businessman treats the Trinidad-born Indian: he sells you very poor quality items at exorbitant prices, enslaves your daughters and wives, will not marry his children with yours, and expects to be honoured by you while he pokes fun at you in his language. But that is nothing compared to what happens in India, where in the holiest of Hindu temples in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, baby girls are routinely sexually abused by priests (sadgurus also) their entire lives, the reason being that it is their divine service to these brahmins. Most Trinidad Hindus don't know how blessed they are that our forefathers were forced by circumstances to abandon the caste system: because of this, our quality of life is light-years ahead of India's although India has superior technology and manpower. No Mr. Keshavdas, the Trinidad Indians will not allow you to insult their intelligence or to drag them into the worst form of oppression the world has ever known.

Self-proclaimed Brahmins

Finally, I wonder where the "Maraj" and "Maharaj" people came from: there is no mention of these names in the ship manifests of immigrant passengers to Trinidad! I caution our Trinidad Hindus about embracing these "mystics": first find out what they are hiding (the real mystery), then let commonsense prevail. Remember, God is Creator and is not made by human hands. God loves us and will not enslave us. And He does not want us to enslave ourselves to idols, including Hindu "murats" (idols), crosses and "saint statues", or Muslim "Kabah" . He expects us to be obedient, and to not worship the creatures He created for us to rule over, but to worship Him. It is so simple. The God of the Bible welcomes you out of bondage and oppression into the glorious Light and eternal life.

For more information on your relationship with the one Living God, please read the Bible , starting with John's Gospel. If you need a Bible or John's Gospel, please contact us or your neighborhood Evangelical church.

May God make the Light of His countenance to shine upon you.

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