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"The Passion": still an understatement of 
Messiah's agony

   It was brutal but historical realism. The Romans had refined their killing skills, the ultimate being crucifixion because of its sadistic means to an undisputable termination. This demonstrates the depth of human depravity which can be elicited in any people group (in this case, Jews and Romans) when driven by demonic power. But that is forgivable through the grace of God the Messiah. The crucial message of "The Passion of the Christ" is that the heinous nature of sin carries a penalty which is commensurate in agony. The curse of sin is upon both the flesh and the soul. But alas, only the physical agony could be presented effectively in film. Meanwhile, the intense agony in the deep recesses of the soul could hardly be projected on screen. Yet, a masterly effort was made through the subtle use of East Indian classical music which effectively bridges the physical and spiritual dimensions.

 The realistic audiovisual depiction of "The Passion" hurls serious challenges at the audience. Nominal Christians need to face the impending reality of excruciating agony in eternity unless they embrace this paid ticket to heaven. Christians, seeing how much the Messiah gave, need to ask how much they should keep. Jews need to behold their Messiach as foretold by Isaiah the Prophet: "Behold my Servant whom I uphold …Therefore He (Ywh) poured out upon Him (Messiach) the fierceness of His anger … Who has believed our report? … He was despised and rejected by men … but He was wounded for our transgressions …" Both Jews and Muslims need to behold Jesus the Lamb of God spoken of by Abraham: "God will provide himself [as] a lamb". Doubters must behold the absolute certainty of death by crucifixion. Roman Catholics need to behold the sufficiency of Jesus as the only sacrifice and the only mediator. Hindus need to behold the significance and true nature of the supreme Prajapati sacrifice described in the Rig Veda. The rest of us need to behold Christ through all these perspectives.

 "The Passion of the Christ" is a movie for a time such as this.


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