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"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also." Beat by beat, one's heart relishes one's treasured object, person, or idea. With every heartbeat comes a wave of life-sustaining blood which sharpens the senses and alerts the muscles to action to possess and enjoy the heart's desire.

The heart's desire of the Lord Jesus is to do the will of God the Father: that "all should come to repentance". What is your heart's desire. Should it be different? Could it be different if you have been transformed into a new creation by Him?

Every heartbeat also brings you that much closer to eternity. Will it be mourned as one less moment to enjoy the withering world, or will it be savored as an exciting moment closer to your heavenly treasure-house? How and where is your treasure house? On earth, where it will all burn up and melt with fervent heat?

Is yours in heaven, where moth and rust cannot destroy? Today, as always, our heartbeat should and must reflect that of our Lord: "to seek and to save that which was lost" . Only in sharing the Good News can one have the true "joy of the Lord".

Every heartbeat should herald new life rather than a death knell. It is within your power as a child of God: choose wisely to save souls. It is your only reasonable service unto your Lord and Redeemer. Join your brethren all over the globe to lift the Name of Jesus on high! This is not for the faint-hearted: it is for soldiers of the King! Let the redeemed of the Lord declare His glory among the nations that they may be glad. It is in your hands: their introduction to your Savior depends on you!

Find out where God is working and join Him: victory is assured! Need help getting started? Contact us. Check our news updates and projects and decide where and how you can be a part of this ministry to lead people everywhere to the Savior! To God be the Glory!


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