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  Dearly Beloved of the Lord, It is a joy to share with you some of the wonderful things the Lord did in Nepal during our visit. Your prayer warfare for us was honored from beginning to end God scattered the Maoists into the mountains the day before we arrived, and allowed them to return and resume their blockades etc the very night we left Nepal! "Coincidence"? Try Romans 16:20 and be encouraged to continue waging war on your knees to defeat the enemy. The Lord accomplished more than what we envisioned as the purpose of our visit! Evangelism needs were assessed, a conference with prospective native missionaries was held, preaching and teaching opportunities were fruitful, a concert was given, and souls came to the Lord.

 Seeing Dr. Hom & Sira Neupane at the airport was just delightful. And our attention was quickly drawn alternatively to Kathmandu's beauty and gloom in quick succession: the beauty of the people and of the landscape was breathtaking, but the faces also reflected a sense of hopelessness and spiritual intimidation from the idol gods they bow before every single day. The only Hindu Kingdom in the world, Nepal encompasses the highest mountains on earth. The people have been taught through the millennia that such and such mountains are "protected" by such and such Hindu gods: protected from what or whom? The people do not threaten the mountains! No wonder that the Gospel has not penetrated these areas we have not, until now, recognized Satan's possessive control of that terrain, and we have therefore failed to identify the specific soldiers of the enemy and his tactics there. And how jubilant is the victory when we pray and labor strategically against a targeted enemy: God shakes these mountains and brings a harvest out of them! This is how your prayers prevailed. Praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow.

 Our work in Nepal has begun, and with clearer perspective as a result of this exploratory visit with our 17 village "leaders" in this pilot project. In addition to holding a seminar and brainstorming session with them (took them more than a day to walk down from their mountain villages - braving the Maoist rebels!), we held a medical and counseling clinic, witnessed to as many as the Lord brought, encouraged the brethren at two major Christian hospitals, held seminars (on how to reach people groups  strategically) with over 300 Christian youths at a rally and with a mixed group of students of the University of Kathmandu, held a concert, lectured at a Bible School on the "Mars Hill strategy for reaching specific groups", and many other opportunities that filled every moment.

 The needs are many and pressing, and all have to be tackled simultaneously and NOW! NOW because it appears to me that Nepal may be the very last set of people groups to be evangelized before the coming of the Lord. Bible training, community health education, Lydia projects, and general education constitute a vital evangelism strategy in the numerous villages where 22 million  souls literally wait to hear about Jesus' sacrificial love-gift for the first time! The potential is equally extraordinary if we permit the Lord to work through us without limiting Him. We can have an immediate positive impact and literally send a holy quake throughout that population. Our booklet for our Hindu friends has been received with enthusiasm, and several groups have volunteered to translate it into Nepali. We must make this available in the thousands: printing is relatively inexpensive there, boosting the potential to reach millions quickly. Please continue to pray against the "prince of the kingdom" of Nepal and for a bold attack against the gates of hell there.

 Three persons (whom we know of) came to salvation. Pray for Rameshwar, an employee of the hotel we stayed at in a village. He and I spoke at about 10:00 PM and again the next morning: then and there on the street he bowed his head and prayed, while his friends looked on, wondering what was happening! Praise the Lord!  That night, after our long day in seminar and medical clinic, Sangeeta (wife of an Elder) prayed for salvation at her home after 8 years of giving Brother SK a rough time since his conversion! His big joyful smile at that moment remains so vivid in my mind. They will be mighty together in God's hand please pray for them. Praise the Lord!   Then, at the Christian Leper Hospital, Asha led a young man to the Lord! He is the son of a nurse there, and was "confused about religion". Asha filled in the blanks for him as I spoke and sang in that service. Praise the Lord! Interestingly, God did these things early in our visit as if to confirm what we had already shared with key Christians there; that is, "be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason for the hope that is in you with meekness and fear" (1 Peter 3:15). Very often we must anticipate and address the questions in their minds right away because these are Satan's seeds of doubt, his weapons working in the mind against the Gospel.

 Asha was blessed as she assisted Sira in counseling and praying with ladies after Hom attended to their medical needs. She also shared at ladies group meetings. Her culinary skills were also used to bless others. Praise the Lord!

 We visited Manja in prison. He is a native missionary who was framed for murder, "but God meant it for good": he has led many inmates to the Lord in the 2 years he has awaited politically stymied appeal hearings. His family is being cared for by Gospel for Asia in Kathmandu. The peace of God shone on his face. We rejoiced at the grace of God, and we sang and prayed there as other inmates and their visitors paid attention. Please pray for the one judge who has been blocking the decision of the other 4 judges to release Manja: appeal verdict is long overdue. In the meantime, Manja is learning basics of pharmacy (as apprentice to the prison pharmacist) which is much needed in the village areas! Praise the Lord!

 Many other exciting opportunities arose, but to top it off, the Lord placed a young man from Hong Kong next to me on our return flight. A brilliant high school senior with a keen interest in philosophy and science, he is the victim of many fallacies peddled by a self-aggrandizing teacher. We saw clearly that Satan was battling to keep his mind closed to the Gospel, but we also saw clearly that God had brought him to us to join the battle. Then and there I remembered that you are all praying, and together we overcame that deceiver. Amish has now opened his mind to the Gospel and has promised to read it. Praise the Lord for physical and mental and spiritual strength for that 3-hour battle I had told Asha that I would just fall fast asleep once in the aircraft because I needed rest. Our Wonderful Father had His own plan, and I am thankful.

  Praise be to God:.

  1. For scattering the enemy and protecting our brethren there.
  2. For the earnest expectation of much fruit as we follow the vision He has given us.
  3. For the numerous unexpected opportunities to share the Word of God; e.g., the University of Kathmandu.
  4. For you whose love has touched these brethren in a tangible way, encouraging them as they take up their cross daily and follow Him.
  5. For salvation to as many as the Lord has and will touch through our witness.

 Prayer Privileges:

  1. For the Neupane's many needs: safety, courage, God's wisdom in many decisions.
  2. For Nepal as a nation and as a multiplicity of spiritually oppressed people groups.
  3. For vision and encouragement to the foreign missionaries who have been ordered out of Nepal that they will labor in similar mission fields awaiting them in their homelands.
  4. For providing facilities for the combined project: building rental now, and property purchase later: estimates will be given in a later newsletter.
  5. For medical supplies to meet the need in the village medical outreach: $200.00 US per month.
  6. Printing needs: estimate in the next newsletter.
  7. For rotating Bible Teachers and sewing instructors as needed.


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