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CD: "No Greater Love"
Produced by G.E.M.S. Ministries.
©2004, GEMS.

Theme: The Love of God:
Our CD, titled "No Greater Love", is a collection of nine songs which present the redeeming love of God to undeserving humanity. It is not only relaxing to the mind and body but it also presents food for the soul.

Medium: Hindustani Classical Music:
 "No Greater Love"
utilizes the power of ethnic music and language to transport its message directly to the heart of our South-east Asian people groups. As such, it is a powerful tool for ministering to your South-east Asian friend or relative. Also, the message communicated through the lyrics and the heart language of music is edifying to the Believer.

Songs Translations

  1. Bhajo bhajo Prabhu Yishu Naam
  2. Sawal se uthte
  3. Jawo Jawo hey mere chelo
  4. Jinko Khuda ne jora hai
  5. Jab sajan saathi
  6. Khudda di muhabat
  7. Man mandir men aa
  8. Dhan Dhan Yishu teranam
  9. Kohe Calvary

A Perfect Ministry Gift:
 "No Greater Love"
is the perfect gift for any occasion. Acquiring and utilizing this CD in this way achieves a two-fold purpose: (1) enabling you to minister effectively to several people groups effectively, and (2) enabling you to partner in the growing global ministry of GEMS.

This Offer:
Contact us. "No Greater Love" will be mailed to you in appreciation of your mission-gift of $15 US or more ($20 Canadian). A 10-pack will be mailed to you for a mission-gift of $120 US or more ($160 Canadian). Thank you for being a partner with us in this Mars Hill ministry so that the Name of the Lord Jesus may be lifted up to bring many to salvation. 

Global Evangelical Missionary Society
Copyright 2004. All Rights Reserved.

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