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  • Outreach CD Completed
    Our music CD (useful for evangelism to people from the Indian sub-continent) is now ready. It has nine songs in Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi, plus a 5-minute message narrated in English. It is available for a ministry-gift of $15 or more ($20 Ca), and will fund the GEMS projects. The enemy has battled against this CD coming to fruition, so we are confident of its evangelistic value. A new believer from Lucknow, India wrote: "We heard your CD this morning on the computer. Maa is still hearing it, she liked it so much that she said she will hear it all day long if the CD does not stop playing."  Learn More
    Posted 6/5/2004 at 12:17:42
  • Nepal Mission Report
    Our work in Nepal has begun, and with clearer perspective as a result of this exploratory visit with our 17 village "leaders" in this pilot project. In addition to holding a seminar and brainstorming session with them (took them more than a day to walk down from their mountain villages - braving the Maoist rebels!), we held a medical and counseling clinic, witnessed to as many as the Lord brought, encouraged the brethren at Patan Hospital and the Christian Leper Hospital, held seminars (on how to reach Hindus strategically) with over 300 Christian youths at a rally and with a mixed group of students of the University of Kathmandu, held a concert, lectured at a Bible School on the "Mars Hill strategy for reaching Hindus", and many other opportunities that filled every moment . . .
    Posted 6/4/2004 at 19:12:10

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